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The Literary Vampire Series
Classic Vampires Revisited: The Bloody Roots
1748: “Der Vampir” (poem) by Heinrich August Ossenfelder        
1774: “Lenore” (poem) by Gottfried August Bürger   
1797: “The Bride of Corinth” (poem) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
c. 1800: “Wake Not the Dead” (story) by Johann Ludwig Tieck
Classic Vampires Revisited: Dark Sucklings
1801: “Thalaba the Destroyer” (poem) by Robert Southey
1810: “The Vampire” (poem) by John Stagg
1813: “The Giaour” (poem) by Lord Byron
1816: “Christabel” (written 1797-1801) (poem) by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
1820: “Lamia” (poem) by John Keats
1820: “La Belle Dame sans Merci” (poem) by John Keats
The Vampyre: A Tale  by Dr. John Polidori
1819: “The Vampyre: A Tale” (story) by Dr. John Polidori
1819: “Fragment of a Novel” (story fragment) by Lord Byron
Classic Vampires Revisited: Black Sunday
1835 (translation, 1928): “Viy” (novella) by Nikolai Gogol
Classic Vampires Revisited: Red Scare
1847 (translation, 1884): “The Curse of the Vourdalak” (story) by Aleksey Tolstoy
1906 (translation, 1907): “Lazarus” (story) by Leonid Andreyev
Classic Vampires Revisited: A Beguiling Corruption
1835: “Berenice” (story) by Edgar Allan Poe
1835: “Morella” (story) by Edgar Allan Poe
1836: “The Dead Lover” (“La Morte Amoureuse”) (novella) by Théophile Gautier
The Mysterious Stranger  by Anonymous
1860: “The Mysterious Stranger” (novella) by Anonymous
The Last Lords of Gardonal  by William Gilbert
1867: “The Last Lords of Gardonal” (story) by William Gilbert
1871: “Vampyres and Ghouls” (article) Anonymous (conducted by Charles Dickens)
Carmilla  by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
1872: Carmilla (novel) by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Classic Vampires Revisited: A Growing Fear
1886: “The Vampyre” (poem) by Vasile Alecsandrai
1887: “A Mystery of the Campagna” (novella) by Anne Crawford
1887: “Ruddigore” (storyline) William S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
Classic Vampires Revisited: A Consuming Passion
1893: “The Last of the Vampires” (story) by Phil Robinson
1894: “The True Story of a Vampire” (story) by Count Stenbock
1896: “The Vampire of Croglin Grange” (story) by Augustus Hare
1896: “Good Lady Ducayne” (story) by Mary E. Braddon
Classic Vampires Revisited: A Ripening Evil
1900: “The Tomb of Sarah” (story) by F. G. Loring
1900: “Marsyas in Flanders” (story) by Vernon Lee
1900: “The Vampire Maid” (story) by Hume Nisbet
1902: “Luella Miller” (story) by Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman
In the Dwellings of the Wilderness   by C. Bryson Taylor
1904: In the Dwellings of the Wilderness (novel) by C. Bryson Taylor
The House of The Vampire   by George Sylvester Viereck
1907: The House of the Vampire (novel) by George Sylvester Viereck
Classic Vampires Revisited: A Shocking Revelation
1907: “The Feather Pillow” (story) by Horacio Quiroga
1907: “A Case of Alleged Vampirism” (story) by Luigi Capuana
1908: “The Blood Fetish” (story) by Morley Roberts
1909: “The Vampirine Fair” (poem) by Thomas Hardy
Classic Vampires Revisited: A Harvest of Horror
1904: “Count Magnus” (story) by M. R. James
1905: “For the Blood is the Life” (story) by F. Marion Crawford
1909: “An Authenticated Vampire Story” (article) by Franz Hartmann
1910: “The Singular Death of Morton” (story) by Algernon Blackwood
1912: “The Transfer” (story) by Algernon Blackwood
1912: “The Room in the Tower” (story) by E. F. Benson
Classic Vampires Revisited: A Fearful Feasting
1914: “Dracula’s Guest” (story) by Bram Stoker
1914: “An Episode of Cathedral History” (story) by M. R. James
1914: “Aylmer Vance and the Vampire” (story) by Alice & Claude Askew
1920: “The Vampire” (story) by Jan Neruda
1922: “Mrs Amworth” (story) by E. F. Benson
Classic Vampires Revisited: And Still We Hunger
1922: “Blood-Lust” (story) by Dion Fortune
1922: “Negotium Perambulans” (story) by E. F. Benson
1924: “The Sussex Vampire” (story) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
1925: “Four Wooden Stakes” (story) by Victor Rowan
Classic Vampires Revisited: A Botanical Nightmare
1881: “The Man-Eating Tree” (story) by Phil Robinson
1894: “Flowering of the Strange Orchid” (story) by H. G. Wells
1899: “The Purple Terror” (story) by Fred M. White
1815: “The Pavilion” (story) by E. Nesbit
1819: “The Sumach” (story) by Ulric Daubeny
INFINITY PLUS, the internet magazine of SF, fantasy and horror, has posted a review of CLASSIC VAMPIRES REVISITED: A BOTANICAL NIGHTMARE.  Read the review at Infinity Plus.
The Vampire in Literature  by Reverend Montague Summers
1929: “The Vampire in Literature” (reference) by Montague Summers
Blood Coven   by Christopher Fulbright & Angeline Hawkes
2007: Blood Coven (novella) by Fulbright & Hawkes
Other publications:
Supernatural Horror in Literature  by H. P. Lovecraft
Lovecraft’s classic monograph on cosmic terror and the weird tale.
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